Ergonomic and comfortable sauna bences

Ergonomic sauna benches, sitting on which you can conveniently release your body and relax as pleasantly as you can in a sitting chair.

Lenghts (mm) 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400, 2700,
Material Alder, Aspen, Thermo Alder, Thermo Aspen, Dark thermo Aspen
Elements Step bench, armrest, headrest , footrest, front panel

We make your new bench according to your sauna witdh.

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Natural wood

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Environmentally friendly

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Modern design


We use SHP 28 x 42 mm with a high-quality Class A barbed-free material produced in Estonia.

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    Our story

    The sauna has become an important place in our daily lives to relax after a tense day’s work or a tiresome workout, and has also become a place to spend a good time with socially close friends.

    The best way to land muscle stresses accumulated in the sauna body and relax is to sit in a comfortable, body-supporting position.

    It could be as enjoyable to spend time in a sauna and relax as to enjoy the company in a comfortable seat in a restaurant and the experiences made by a chef.

    The bench that you want to rest on for longer must be comfortable and support the whole body

    We have come up with a solution, ergonomic sauna benches, where you can sit free and sit down as comfortably as you can in the sitting-room chair or on the sofa.

    In your home sauna, you can chat and enjoy as much as in Spa, where many ergonomic sauna are used.

    A comfortable backrest that supports the whole back supports the body with ease and exerts the burden and tension on the lower body, providing the maximum effort and enjoyment of the tie.

    It’s good to be in a comfortable seat, save yourself a suitable sauna temperature and enjoy it as much as possible.

    The curved and soft outline is comfortable and enjoyable for such large dry legs. The saunas we offer are suitable for classic Finnish sauna and infra-red sauna